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About Orthodontics

A healthy set of teeth and gums is the secret to a beautiful and long-lasting smile. If patients are self-conscious that their existing orthodontic condition is affecting their smile, we can help them achieve the smile they've always dreamed of with orthodontic treatment. This can significantly help improve the way they feel and look.

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How Orthodontic Treatment Works

Your orthodontic treatment can start with a careful examination. The orthodontist would also study the patient's medical history to understand their past cases. Several orthodontic conditions can be treated with the help of orthodontic appliances which are either made of metal, ceramic, or high-grade plastic. These appliances can either be removable or intact that works by gently applying a force against teeth guiding them towards the right direction. 

When it comes to wearing braces, gone are the days when patients had to go through the discomfort of wearing metallic ones. Patients can now choose between clear or metal brackets as appliances to suit their orthodontic treatment. Latest appliances consist of nearly invisible wires and brackets making them less noticeable. Advanced materials are designed to help move teeth faster, too.

Duration of Treatment

The duration of a specific orthodontic treatment can significantly vary depending on individual cases, and other factors. Before beginning any orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist would clearly explain all the available options, estimate the duration of treatment, and post-treatment care. 

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