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About Board Certification

Are All Orthodontists Board Certified?

No. It is a requirement that all orthodontists must be licensed to practice orthodontics. However, presently, only one in three orthodontists may have continued to pursue completion of their board certification. Being a board-certified orthodontist is a unique achievement, it states that the practitioner is qualified to practice orthodontics and has the precise educational requirement beyond the three years in dental school. It is expected from a board-certified orthodontist to demonstrate correct patient care with detailed case reports on the treatment provided.

How Many Certifying Boards Are Recognized By The American Dental Association In The Speciality Of Orthodontics?

Just one. The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) which was founded in 1929 is the only official certifying board in the specialty that the American Dental Association recognizes. The purpose of the board is to elevate the quality aspects of orthodontic care by promoting excellence through certification, education and professional collaboration.

Why Would An Orthodontist Choose To Complete This Voluntary Certification Process?

Being a Board Certified Orthodontist exhibits the orthodontist highest commitment to excellence in the field. It shows respect for both the profession and the patient who receives dental care. Acquiring such a certification would declare the orthodontist as a licensed specialist with the necessary knowledge base and skills to treat patients to the highest of standards.

For further information about The American Board of Orthodontics and Board Certification, click here.

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